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An interview about Rocking Qualitative Social Science on the Ipse Dixit Podcast (July 24, 2021)

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An interview about Rocking Qualitative Social Science on the New Books Network (July 2, 2021)

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Speaking about The Deviant Prison, a talk prepared for the American Philosophical Society (March 31, 2021). 

In Conversation with Cecelia Cancellaro about The Deviant Prison for Cambridge University Press’s Winter History Festival (January 21, 2021). 

Interviewed by Damon McCool (Eastern State Penitentiary) as part of Unpacking the origins of America’s modern prison system: A Conversation with Ashley T. Rubin (January 5, 2021). The interview covered The Deviant Prison and its lessons for prisons throughout history and today.

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Participating in panel, ¿Qué Hacer Con Las Carceles?  (What to do with the prisons?) hosted by Argentina’s Comisión Provincial por la Memoria (on May 15, 2020). The panel featured discussions about the state of prisons in Germany, Chile, and the United States before and during the coronavirus epidemic. 

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On the Media/WNYC segment entitled “Cruel and Unusual” (on April 24, 2020)

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“Prisons and jails are coronavirus epicenters – but they were once designed to prevent disease outbreak” as lead article in The Conversation (on April 16, 2020) 

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Presenting “Deviance, Deviants, and Dirtbags: Toward a Neo-Institutional Criminology of Rock Climbing” at the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto (February 2019) 

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Giving a TEDx talk, “How Did Sending People to Prison Become So Normal?” (TEDxMississauga, January 2019)

See more pictures here. Full talk available on YouTube. Script available here.

“What a widely attacked experiment got right on the harmful effects of prison” (The Conversation, October 2018)

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Presenting at The Society of Captives Today: Celebrating the 60th Anniversary Conference (University of Leicester, June 2018)

Photo Credit: Rose Ricciardelli

Life of the Law Episodes “In-Studio: Locking People Up” and “Inside San Quentin – To Be Heard” (March 2017)

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Featured in Poster at the Law and Society Association annual meeting (New Orleans, LA, 2016) 


Commenting on Hadar Aviram’s Cheap on Crime (2015) at the Western Society of Criminology in Phoenix

With Edi Kinney, Hadar Aviram, and Paul Kaplan. Photo Credit: Hadar Aviram

Speaking at UC Berkeley Law School on project entitled, “Institutionalizing the Pennsylvania System” in 2014

Photo Credit: Ginny Aubuchon